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Ford’s ‘Aston Martin’ grille: what do you think?

Ford's 'Aston Martin' grille - what do you think?

Have your say on the new grille adorning Britain’s best-selling car, the Ford Fiesta

So come on then, who’s a fan of Ford’s new Aston Martin-like grille? We saw it first of all last year on the new Fusion, which will come here next year as the Ford Mondeo.

But it’s its appearance on the revised Ford Fiesta, Britain’s best-selling car, that’s really got people talking.

So handsome and contemporary did this generation of Fiesta look when it first arrived that it was one of those cars you struggled to see how they’d improve upon – or even bother trying to – for a facelift.

But rather than stick, Ford twisted for it and came up with something that’s reignited interest in a car that hardly needed reigniting.

I’d say it’s the one thing all of my non-car-loving friends have an opinion on at the moment. Some like it, but the majority seem to be against it, particularly those who’ve bought a pre-facelift Fiesta for themselves.

Me? My slight indifference at first has grown into me really rather liking it. You certainly know what it is that’s approaching in your rear-view mirror. Change isn’t always good or necessary, but Ford has won me over with the look of the revised Fiesta.

The Aston question is one I put to Ford of Britain’s managing director, Mark Ovenden, this morning. “I love it,” was his response. “In a previous life I was part of the team that developed the pre-facelift car and as such have a huge affection for it.

“I thought it’d be hard to improve it, but I think it has been made even better. The Fiesta always had good ride and handling, value and packaging, and now it looks more premium.”

And with tongue in cheek, Ovenden noted the Aston comparisons. “But I’d call it a Fiesta grille…” he added.

So is the Fiesta the Aston Martin Cygnet you’d actually want to buy? Or a small-car masterpiece that was best left alone? Let me know what you think below.