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Mexican SST-77 to revive Alpine heritage

SST-77 details

Forty years after the Alpine A110 ceased production in Mexico as the Dinalpin, a small coupé aims to fill the void

As well as the Lotus/Renault sports car collaboration, it appears the Alpine A110 will receive a second reincarnation in the form of the Mexican SST-77. It follows the production of the original Alpine in Mexico during the 1960s and ’70s as the Dinalpin.

Rumoured to be supported by Miguel Jiminez, the SST-77 promises to be a light and agile sports car. The renderings that have been released show three different sports cars sharing common themes; all appear mid-engined with angular features and circular foglights. Two of the concepts also have slender, aerodynamic wing-mounted mirrors.

A production SST-77 could feature a body constructed from a combination of Kevlar, fibreglass and carbonfibre. Regardless of the materials used, it is likely the new sports car will be built in Sahagun City, Mexico, where the original Dinalpin was made.

Matt Bird