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Official: Renault Twin’Z concept revealed, Twingo replacement takes shape [w/video]

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Renault teamed with Welsh designer Ross Lovegrove, known for his works inspired by nature, on the Twin’Z concept. The supermini city car is the fifth in Renault’s six-stage concept cycle modeled on human stages of life, after the DeZir (Love), Captur (Exploration), R-Space (Family) and Frendzy (Work). The Twin’Z is all about play and spaciousness, an all-electric powertrain allowing a unfettered cockpit and rear-wheel drive athletics.

Inspired by the heritage of the Renault 5 (which might also be returning in concept form) and the Twingo, it has been introduced at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano, the annual furniture design showcase in Italy. The Twin’Z brief is to conjoin “the world of furniture and the automobile.” On top of Renault’s bodwork design, Lovegrove and his associates detailed the bumpers, LED light patterns throughout, wheels and interior.

That cabin is probably the most striking aspect for there being so little to it. Instead of an instrument panel – and storage, it appears – there is a smartphone near the steering column that displays crucial data and a tablet on a pedestal between the front seats with supplemental diagnostics. Occupants sit on carbon fiber seats wrapped in a woven textile, those in the rear will find the seats emerge from the Twin’Z's bodyshell.

The boggling interior gets an equally interesting LED lightscape inside and out. Starting at the grille, twin-line lights give the Twin’Z a face before waving, curlicuing and climbing over the roof, on every interior surface and down the rear glass to the taillights. Even the wheels receive the illuminated due, a green hue mimicking “intelligent growth structures.”

There’s a huge gallery of the Twin’Z for your enjoyment, and a detailed press release below with lots of words to please your inner organic-inclined aesthete just below. As we saw with the Captur concept becoming the Captur production CUV, this little velveteen blue showcase could offer clues to the coming Twingo.

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