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Citroën DS Wild Rubis set for Shanghai motor show debut

Citroen DS Wild Rubis set for Shanghai motor show debut

Teaser video and pictures hint at new luxury DS crossover concept called the Wild Rubis

Citroën has released a teaser image and video of a new concept called the DS Wild Rubis. 

Set to be revealed in full at the upcoming Shanghai motor show, the new Wild Rubis concept belongs to Citroën’s upmarket ‘DS‘ range.

Although no complete image of the Wild Rubis has been revealed, it appears that it will take the form of a compact SUV or crossover.

DS models, which are positioned above Citroën’s normal range, are reputed to offer “the best of the Citroën brand”.

Typically they feature stylised interiors, more fluid exterior styling and high-end equipment and interior finishes.

It’s rumoured that the new DS Wild Rubis will be available with four-wheel drive and a diesel-electric hybrid system, the same as that found in the current DS5 Hybrid4.

Conventional diesel and petrol models will consequently be, most likely, front-wheel drive only.

More Citroën DS Wild Rubis details will be revealed at the Shanghai motor show.