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2013 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution GSR

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Quick Corners And Long Goodbyes

Editor’s Note: While driving the Mitsubishi Evolution in the slush and snow of a Michigan winter is a fine enterprise, photographing it in such conditions is usually not fruitful. That’s why you’ll notice a slight disparity between our wintry text and sunny, California-based photographs of the subject car. Rest assured, both the review vehicle and the photo car are of the same basic Evo GSR flavor.

It was a dreary, gray, barely sufferable winter morning in Ann Arbor, MI. Temperatures hovering just over 30 degrees allowed for snow or rain or some combination thereof at a moment’s notice, and the thickly clouded sky hinted at dark secrets while promising nothing. I’ve never been a rally driver but I couldn’t help but feel that this murky, imprecise day was good winter rally weather. I’ll admit: I don’t usually wake up and look out the window to judge which kind of racing would be best just then, but the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X GSR delivered to my house the day before was coloring the mood of the hour; most of my thoughts ran to where I was going to drive it, when, and how fast.

The Evo sitting in my crumbling suburban driveway sounded like a rifle shot when I first turned the engine over at 5:00 AM – exhaust meted out in cranky blats every time I tiptoed on the throttle. I was up early on a winter’s Saturday for a few reasons, number one being that I’m oddly inhabited by the insomniac spirit of an octogenarian for a 34-year-old, and I wake up even if I don’t have to. Number two was all about the Mitsubishi.

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